The Authoress

Pilar in englishPilar Velasco López is a painter. She studied drawing and painting for five years with Rafael Calvín, in particular figurative painting, a classical school linked to Sorolla. She also studied Arts and Crafts in Madrid for three years, with the professors Agustín Úbeda, Doctor in Fine Arts at the University Complutense of Madrid and Pedro Mozos, Academic of Fine Arts. She completed her studies and perfected her style for three years with Amadeo Roca Gisbert, practicing drawing with natural models.

The School of Arts and Crafts in Madrid issued her in 1973 the title of Graduate in Applied Arts, specialized in Artistic Photography. Pilar Velasco paints thankas, which are traditionally «portraits» of Tibetan deities. In its traditional version, they are painted on canvas sewn onto brocade silk and cotton. The uniqueness of this collection is that the authoress paints in oil, but also the Tibetan fabrics from Kathmandu and Nepal framing the portraits in classic style. While remaining a tapestry, we see a painting which is also an oil painting. This technique is an extremely delicate work. This pictorial current is little known in Spain and has nothing to do with vulgarizations and tapestry that appear on the Internet or in newspapers advertising pages. Her inclination comes from her relationship to Buddhism dating from 1996. Buddhism is a non-theistic religion, but neither can be considered atheist because there are gods and mandala deities, which underline the decisive nature of the spirit and the mind.